the concept creator  1983


Perception &sensibility arrises from an early stage in life ......

Everything is a question of timing ........

In early 1981 being suddenly propelled into my 1st JOB right in the middle of rows of books ..... in my old school's middle & high school library , in Tokyo .
1983 , naming myself [ concept creator ] as works were increasing & later on asked what was my "title" or "field " ..... sincerely never thought " inspiration " or the thorough thinking of a human being needed to be categorized or shelved !

All this to say I never fitted in the school        " system " . Always having been inspired by museum pieces , flowers , trees & mountains , children's works , music , Haute-Couture fashion , gestures or stories , or the color of the sky , among many other things ........

"Spur " of the moment " being my drive & never being interested in what I have done in the past ..........

How to find a Concept ?

 It is a very simple idea that emerges while thinking or from a research .


For instance reviewing a client’s works & being inspired by a detail , transforming it into a display element never seen before .


Ex :


For the 100 Years of Swarovski in Japan , Mr. Alessandro Mendini , the famous architect arriving from Milan , had designed a crystal candle stand for the occasion .

As I was going through his books , I suddenly was struck by a museum he designed in Germany , in yellow & black check patterns .

The theme was found : 100 yellow candles decorated with black tape , making it look like yellow & black checks !

Way of Thinking

The surrounding can help but the " inner – born - instinct " is something very special .


For my part I never really liked school under all those “ rules “ ......... where each one had to obey , with " no-free-space " for discussion ....

or for homework ... cf. a distinct page to be learned ….. when another one attracted me so much more …..


At the beginning of the school year I would right away go through all my school books & search for an interest to look forward to ….. as long as they had many pictures , drawings or photos depicting the subject ….. there . . .  my imagination would start , but very unfortunately it was never those pages that we had for homework ! !

So I never really studied …..

But the pages I looked forward to : I knew them well ! !


At drawing classes in Brussels , when I was 12 years old : when asked to draw an owl ,

I suddenly “ wanted “ it in many colorful shades !

The result : it was shown in front of the whole class as not following the directives ……


From there on I decided not all adults were right ! !